OFF THE PRESS! Open now at Cumberland Museum and archives


Off the Press! invites local artists into collaboration with Cumberland’s Black Cat Skateboard Press 
to assert their presence publicly, sharing their unique skills, identities and cultural knowledge through combined processes and materials.
These artworks serve as expressions of self within the Museum, and as tools for physical navigation, community building, experimentation and resilience beyond these walls.
Through the unlimited potential of collaboration we consider ways in which an individual’s self expression can foster a sense of community belonging. 

Exhibiting Artists
Sham Sandhu
Sonny Assu
Cora Silvestru
Caresse Nadeau
Tiny Pencil Studios
Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun

Bryn Ball
Dale Orton
Miss Bumble
Miguel Andres Condell Cebrian
Black Cat Skateboard Press